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Our name 029 Group ("zero-two-nine") alludes to happiness hormone serotonin. 

We believe that the next-generation of consumer brands will be built on connection, experiences and inspiration. 
In a post-pandemic world, new patterns of work, life & leisure as well as a shift in consumerism are emerging and accelerating.

These trends create opportunities in hospitality and lifestyle for innovation-driven entrepreneurship with a strong community focus. 029 Group backs the most audacious entrepreneurs with a hands-on investment approach, focusing on areas where we can add significant value through our platform, global network and company building expertise.

029 Group SE is based in Berlin, Germany. 

029 Group is a global hospitality and lifestyle platform, blending luxury, technology and community to build and support category-defining brands aimed at making people’s lives happier.

Travel & Hospitality

Revolutionizing the way people experience travel and leisure

Limestone Capital is a vertically integrated investment firm dedicated to identifying and creating value within the hospitality sector.  Limestone acquires undervalued hospitality real estate and transforms it through management, capital investment and technology.

Enabling Technologies

Innovative technologies that empower business and enhance customer experiences

Hotelbird has become the leading provider of digital check-in/out solutions in Europe since its founding in 2015. The company holds the largest market share and enjoys great trust in the hotel industry. The leading German hotel chains rely on Hotelbird technology to enhance their operational success.

Consumer Brands

Building the next generation of brands that inspire and connect with consumers


Serial Entrepreneur,
Investor and Founder of
Apeiron Investment Group

029 Group was founded by Christian Angermayer’s Apeiron Investment Group.

“A huge part of our investments centres around the theme of happiness. Being truly happy is what I strive to achieve for myself, and what I want every other person to be."

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fjör is a science-driven, direct-to-consumer skincare brand that addresses skin ageing and skin-irritation concerns.

Brother's Bond is a premium bourbon, created by Vampire Diaries stars Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, which impresses with its careful selection and high quality.

TRIP is a leading British premium CBD brand that offers high-quality CBD drinks and oils and is characterized by the highest quality.

Our operating model

Proven track record

Entrepreneurial approach

Proprietary access

Value creation through synergies

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Deputy Chairwoman


Managing Director



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